Mindfulness Training

Life Changes Group is presently offering a 10 week experiential and process-oriented group focused on learning ways in which the practice of mindfulness and additional mind-body approaches can decrease symptoms of anxiety and mood disorders and improve general well-being.

Group sessions will be held once weekly for 8-10 members.  During the ten sessions, group members will learn and practice: diapragmatic breathing, guided meditation, mindfulness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, passive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, autogenic training, self-hypnosis, and self-reiki. The final group session will provide instruction around relapse prevention to assist group members in maintaining mind-body practice in their daily lives.

In addition to the educational and experiential components, group participants will also benefit from a general process component in which group members find opportunities to learn about themselves in many different ways. Under the direction of the group therapist, group members will be able to give support, feedback and offer alternatives to each other. Through this process, difficulties can resolve, alternative behaviors are learned, and members develop new social techniques or ways of relating to people.

Each session will include a weekly check-in, instruction on a mind-body technique, experiential practice of the mind-body technique, group discussion, and closure with goal-setting. Weekly practice logs and goal completion forms will assist group members in their growth.

The use of mind-body interventions within a therapy group will help group members to begin to see that they are not alone in their experiences of anxiety and depression, nor are they alone in their efforts for positive coping. It can be encouraging for group members to hear that other people have experiences similar to their own. In the climate of trust provided by the group, people learn a variety of approaches to self-care, while benefiting from experiences of other members.