Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Social Anxiety

This group is for individuals who experience excessive nervousness and discomfort in social situations. Examples include public speaking, dating, small talk, being the center of attention, or being assertive. The goals of this group are to help clients stop avoiding these situations and to decrease the interference of social anxiety with quality of life.

Our primary objectives in offering the group are to:

  • Understand the diagnosis, prevalence, and etiology of social anxiety disorder
  • Explore characteristic triggers and interpretations that lead to social anxiety
  • Identify and changes ineffective beliefs about oneself, social events, and others
  • Develop coping strategies for managing the sensations associated with anxiety
  • Introduce thoughtful exposure exercises to challenge irrational assumptions
  • Offer a framework for increased engagement and return to healthy social living

CBT has been found in clinical studies to significantly reduce avoidance-based behaviors associated with anxiety and return people to their normal lives and routines. If you are troubled by experiences of social anxiety, please call us at (617) 354-4450 or complete our online intake form to set-up an initial consultation.