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Life Changes Group
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Administrative Contacts:

Practice Information (ext. 111)

Billing Support (ext. 107)

Lauren Hunter, Intake Coordinator (ext. 133)

Kourtney Edwards, Client Care Coordinator (ext. 107)

Ciera Wade, Client Care Coordinator (ext. 111)

Suzanne Smith, Benefits Manager (ext. 121)

Clinical Team Contacts:

Dr. Jonathan E. Goldberg  (ext. 101)

Dr. Elizabeth Apkin (ext. 126)

Dr. Ellie Barch (ext. 108)

Ms. Devon Carroll (ext. 109)

Ms. Caroline Clark (ext. 105)

Dr. Frank Clouse (ext. 123)

Dr. Lisa Cohen (ext. 117)

Dr. Jodi Coochise (ext. 115)

Ms. Lisa Conti (ext. 118)

Dr. Cherish DeOliveira (ext. 130)

Dr. Ingrid Deller (ext. 132)

Mr. Anthony DiBartolomeo (ext. 128)

Dr. Taylor Dunlap (ext. 103)

Dr. Amy Hale (ext. 106)

Ms. Lauren Hunter (ext. 133)

Dr. Jonathan P. Hall (ext. 122)

Dr. Tal Katz (ext. 129)

Dr. Eric Lind (ext. 119)

Ms. Colleen Madden (ext. 110)

Dr. Sinéad McCarthy (ext. 124)

Dr. Annette McTague (ext. 125)

Dr. Kazuko Takeuchi Montgomery (ext. 113)

Dr. Maureen O’Connor

Dr. Kyle Rundles (ext. 107)

Dr. Jillian Russo (ext. 102)

Dr. Diana Sabagh (ext. 107)

Dr. Sujata Swaroop (ext. 104)

Dr. Erin Swedish (ext. 131)

Dr. Emily Wheeler (ext. 120)