Dr. Cherish DeOliveira obtained her doctorate in clinical psychology from William James College. She is bilingual (Portuguese and English) and has a background as an early childhood educator. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from UMass Boston and her Master’s in psychology from William James College. During her pre-doctoral and post-doctoral training, Dr. DeOliveira has worked in a variety of clinical settings, including schools, community mental health clinics, and early childhood education centers. At Life Changes Group, she provides individual therapy services for children, adolescents and women, as well as mother-child dyad therapy for children zero to three. She has an eclectic therapeutic approach that combines different evidence-based modalities—such as CBT, IFS, and Narrative Therapy—in order to customize treatment for each individual or family in her care. Her warm, accepting, and insightful approach allows her to connect with clients and support them in their journey to a better sense of self and well-being

Dr. DeOliveira works with women of all ages to explore narratives that have restricted their capacities for thriving. She works with a trauma-informed approach to explore issues including: depression, anxiety, PTSD, low self-esteem, difficulties with intimacy, fertility concerns, prenatal to postpartum issues, pregnancy loss or termination, disordered eating, weight/body image concerns, sexual orientation/gender identity concerns, and sexual traumas, among many others.

With over eight years of experience working with families, Dr. DeOliveira is aware that all children are trying their best, but sometimes there are significant barriers that keep children from reaching their potential at home and school. Dr. DeOliveira will work with the family to create healthy routines and ways of relating to each other that will increase effective communication and support children, teens, and young adults to reach their potential. She is also passionate about her work in parent-child therapy working with moms and their infants/toddlers. Dr. DeOliveira promotes opportunities for bonding and attachment between mother and child, which sets the foundation for a lifetime of skills and competencies in developing healthy relationships.

Dr. DeOliveira welcomes the opportunity to work with individuals who identify as part or a racial/ethnic minority group, as well as individuals within the LGBTQ+ community. With her Portuguese fluency and working knowledge of Spanish, she is invested is providing access to culturally-sensitive therapy for the Latinx community. Dr. DeOliveira has honed her skills in multicultural therapy in order to address complex and multilayered needs of individuals and families facing adversity and who identify as part of a minority group. Many of the people she has worked with experienced hardships due to racial discrimination, marginalization, trauma, poverty, community violence, immigration issues, and/or relationship issues.

In her free time, Dr. DeOliveira loves to travel, dance, and write.

Contact Information

Dr. Cherish DeOliveira (ext. 130)