Integrative Psychotherapy Services
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Group Therapy
Group Therapy: In addition to individual consultation and counseling services, Life Changes offers an assortment of psychotherapy groups facilitated by our expert staff. Unlike the simple two-person relationship between patient and therapist in individual therapy, group therapy offers multiple relationships to assist the individual in growth and problem solving. Group therapy encompasses many different kinds of groups with varying theoretical orientations that exist for varying purposes. All therapy groups exist to help individuals grow emotionally and solve personal problems. All utilize the power of the group, as well as the therapist(s) who lead, in this process.

Current Life Changes group therapy opportunities include:

CBT for Panic and Anxiety

Life Changes will begin offering a 6-month, once-weekly Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) group for panic and anxiety disorders beginning in the Spring of 2009 on Wednesday evenings from 7-8pm. This group will address the core symptoms of panic and anxiety and offer valuable tools for coping with these experiences in everyday life. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a symptom-oriented approach that combines psychoeducation with specific treatment interventions. More »